Wedding Planning Organization Tips

Hi friends! Today I am sharing some tips to help you stay organized while planning your wedding! These are the things I did to try and keep me from going insane and also have everything ready to go and planned way before the big day!

To Do List Organization

First off, you should definitely download the Knot app for your phone. The only thing I really used in the app was the To Do list checkoff. It has a pretty good list (though I will point out there are probably more things you will need to do than what is on the list) with a good timeline to start with (I honestly worked ahead on somethings and was behind on somethings according to their timeline). But this was my base to make my to do lists! Keep an “immediate to do list” of things you need to accomplish this month and then I always had a “what’s next after that list” so I could always keep looking ahead and thinking about stuff! Keep a notebook with all of your to do lists.

Guest List Organization

I organized our guest list in an excel sheet. Then I could manage in all of the cells if they had rsvp’d, how many people were in the party, what their response was, what they brought for a gift and if I had sent their thank you. I also split it into my side and Miguel’s side. Then you can keep track of the number of people you have invited and that are coming!

Seating chart Organization:

Buy a big poster board and those skinny post it notes and then draw your table layout on the pasteboard. This will be a life saver as you are trying to figure out where to seat your guests.

Address Organization

I printed out the address labels on Avery label sheets by myself to stick on all of our save the dates and invites. I started collecting address as early as I could. I just put everyone who I was inviting name’s in the address label boxes in a word document and then started filling in addresses so I knew who I had and who I didn’t. Then make sure you save because you need to print out this list for save the dates, invites and thank you’s! This was a life saver because I didn’t have to hand address anything but it was also cost effect to address myself and still look nice.

Budget Organization

I also kept an excel sheet for expenses. Overtime something was bought or paid for, put it in the excel with how much it costs and who paid for it. This will allow you to see how much has been spent.

Decor Organization

I bought big totes and I just started putting all the wedding decor or accessories I bought in them because that’s how I was going to transfer them to the venue.

Execution Plan

And to top it all off- I created an entire 50+ page wedding execution plan binder. This binder had every detail of our wedding weekend in it. Timelines, lists, music, who needed to do what when. It had everything. I feel like this could be an entire post in itself (which I may do in the future??) But it not only helped me run things smoothly that weekend, since I put it together ahead of time, it was kind of a good check to make sure I had thought of and planned everything so there were no surprises and it kept me stress free! Let me know if you want help making you own 🙂

Let me know if you have wedding planning questions or want more help with keeping organized or planning, I would be happy to give advice!

Thanks for catching up!

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