Happy Friday! Today I am sharing some of my favorite cold weather accessories I have gotten recently. It’s still January and here in Iowa we have lots more cold ahead of us!


I love this hat and I am so sad that it looks like it sold out! I will keep checking if it comes back because it was such a good deal.

Casual Gloves

My beloved north face gloves were getting worn out so I bought these as a replacement! I had my old ones for 5 years and they were awesome and so worth the price. I love the Etip too!


Love this ruana for only $20! I hope it stays in stock but it is so cute!

Quilted Jacket

I got this jacket for christmas and I love it! So comfy! Definitely for a little warmer weather but I can’t wait to wear it.

Sorel Boots

And here are my Sorel boots again that I wear all the time! They are the best!

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