Happy Valentine’s Day! We have to work today but I have a fun little at home date night planned for tonight to celebrate the day of love.

Today I am linking up with Shay for How We Wednesdays. Today’s topic? We we take care of ourselves! It’s important that you are taking care of YOU and not everyone around you. I know this can be hard at times but here are my tips and things I do to take care of ME.

Since I am in my twenty’s I feel these are the most important things other people close to me in age should be doing – but they really are good for all ages! I think that physical health and mental health are both key to take care of yourself so I will touch on both.


I am currently working my way through BBG 12 week program and am feeling so much stronger. I am on week 6 and should have it done by the time we go to Hawaii! On the days that I don’t have a workout to do I do…


I got back into yoga after the New Year and I love it so much! Not only does it work strength and flexibility (super great ways to take care of yourself) it is so beneficial to my mind as well. I recommend Yoga by Candace on Youtube. I love her videos and he voice lol. She has a lot of beginner videos so if you haven’t done yoga before you should check those out. Yoga is definitely something that takes time and practice, I am still doing mostly beginner videos but am getting much better at them.


Baths are a great way to relax and take care of your mental health as well. Nothing better than soaking in a warm tub with a good book and truly be able to sit still (something you won’t find me doing much).

Skin Care:

I talked about my skin care routine last week but I think having healthy skin is a super important part of taking care of yourself! You will look and feel more confident with healthy skin – I promise 🙂


I get 8 hours of sleep every night and am on a pretty consistent bed time/wake up time schedule and I think this is super important as well. If my sleep schedule is messed up.. it is not a good day lol. I don’t drink caffeine or take naps and I attribute it to being such a great sleeper. Try getting a consistent sleep schedule going and you will see a difference! It sounds cliche but getting a good nights sleep really impacts how productive your day is.

Writing everything down and planning ahead:

This is another mental health thing – if I write things down, I don’t have the anxiety of forgetting. I may not get to everything on the list in one day, but I know I will get to it sometime since I have it written down. I have so many note pads, I use my panner and notes in my phone. I try to reduce stress by writing and planning everything out!


I love reading as a hobby and I think it is a great way to relax, unwind and not worry about “real life”. You have to reward yourself sometime and I think reading is a great way to do that.

PS – I am wearing my favorite Zella leggings (sold out in black but available in grey – but I love this black pair too) and shirt! Zella makes super comfy workout attire! I try to scope out and find stuff on sale 😉

Thanks for catching up!

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