Today I am linking up with Mix and Match Mama for What’s up Wednesday to update you on what’s going on in the life of Claire!

What We’re Eating:

Sunday: Chicken Teriyaki Skillet (recipe coming soon!) | Monday: Pork Chops and Potatoes | Tuesday: Enchiladas for the baby shower! | Wednesday: Chili Cheese Mac | Thursday: Hashbrown and Sausage Crockpot Meal

You can see all of my One Pot Meal Recipes here.

What I’m Reminiscing About:

I’m not sure that there is anything.. maybe last year when the weather was warmer lol. I can’t wait for it to be warm enough to go on walks.

What I’m Loving:

My new running shoes. I love love love the rose gold! I was so excited when I found them online!

All my decor from the baby shower last night!

What we’ve been up to:

Let’s see, February started off with me trying to get over my sickness and Miguel out of town. We then celebrated Valentine’s Day week with chocolate covered strawberries, brownies and homemade pizzas!

We went snowboarding on a Saturday, Miguel was gone out of town some more. (Oh and Miguel turned 25!!)

We ended the month with our annual February trip to the casino for buffet and a little game playing.

And then last night, we hosted a baby shower for our niece who is due very soon.

What I’m Dreading:

Can’t think of anything.. maybe my workouts for the week. (I am still chugging along at BBG)

What I’m Working on:

A lot this month! I spent a lot of the month making stuff for the baby shower (full post to come on that).

I have also been spending a lot of time on the blog and focusing on my photography and Instagram.

We also are getting stuff together for our Master bedroom makeover. We have almost everything to start painting and putting new furniture in there! We just got a new mattress and duvet.

What I’m Excited About:

Finishing up the master bedroom hopefully before we leave for HAWAII in about 5 weeks!!

What I’m Watching/Reading:

This past month I read two books, Along the Infinite Sea by Beatriz Williams and So Close to Amazing by Karianne Wood. Along the Infinite Sea I wasn’t a huge fan of – it seemed to drag for me and I didn’t like the ending (if you’ve read it though, I do have some questions for you lol). And So Close to Amazing was a great read and I read it in a few hours (it’s only 200 pages). It’s a non-fiction memoir of a DIY blogger that is Faith based. I enjoyed reading her stories and uplifting messages.

As for watching – we watched some Olympics, I’m keeping up with the Bachelor and in our spare time we binge Shameless and when I’m alone, Will & Grace throwback.

What I’m Listening To:

If anything is on, it’s Best of Michael Buble on Amazon Music.

What I’m Wearing:

A whole lot of this:



And this:

I am striving for comfort around here when I am not at work!

Everything on sale!!

Blue Tie Tank | Girl Boss Tank | White Shorts

What I’m doing this weekend:

We don’t have anything on the calendar, which means I may start painting a small chunk of our bedroom. Along with any other projects on my to do list.

What I’m looking forward to next month: 

Currently we don’t have anything scheduled on the weekends, so I am looking forward to finishing our bedroom and preparing for Hawaii! (And meeting our new niece!

What else is new:

I think I just about covered everything above. We go to work, we do our hobbies and we are doing are best to workout 🙂

Thanks for catching up!

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    1. Thank you!! BBG is definitely challenging, but I’m glad I am seeing improvements, I’m on week 8 now. Thanks for stopping by!

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