How I Spring Clean

I like to think I keep a pretty clean house in general (I have a good cleaning schedule I will share next week!) but there are still things that don’t get cleaned every week that need a good clean once or twice a year. That’s where Spring Deep Cleaning comes in.

As far as “cleaning” things goes, I like to incorporate a monthly rotation of things that don’t need to be cleaned all the time like windows, vents, etc but I will incorporate those in my list just to encompass all of the “non-routine” cleaning that should be accomplished once or twice a year (I honestly do everything on this list at least twice a year).

You can scroll down to my free printable checklist of things you should Spring Clean in your house to get an idea but if you want to make your own customized and more specific checklist (or add to my printable guide), here’s how I go about making mine.

Make Your List

Walk through your house with a pen and notepad and make a list of everything that needs extra attention. Here are the questions you should ask yourself:

-What needs purged? Think closest and drawers, cabinets, totes, boxes etc. Anything spot that has accumulated things that can be thrown away, donated and reorganized.

-What has gotten missed form your normal cleaning schedule and needs some deep cleaning done to it? Think windows, carpets, cabinet doors, molding, light fixtures.

Don’t Forget Outside Too

If you own a home, do something similar to this but outside. It’s nice to get your yard/porch/deck ready for Spring and Summer as well. Here think, getting out and cleaning patio furniture, sweeping porch, trimming bushes, power washing,

Then plan a day (or two or three.. three works well since I have three categories here) when you are actually going to DO IT. Don’t let yourself space these out too far though.. otherwise you may never get to it all before it all needs done again and you can’t enjoy your “clean” home 🙂


Just click on the images below and it will open a new window for you to print out the pages in PDF form! I recommend sizing the page down to 95% so it prints well. Both images will take you to the same file to print.

I hope this gives you some motivation and encouragement to get your Spring Cleaning done so you can enjoy the warmer days ahead with your clean and organized house!

Thanks for catching up!

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