Cleaning Schedule Ideas + How to Create Your Own!

Happy Friday! As promised in my Spring Cleaning post last week, I am sharing my standard cleaning schedule that I follow religiously to keep my house looking in tip top shape. I will be sharing some specifics of my cleaning schedule just so you can see what I do, but of course it is super easy to take my model and apply it to your life and house to create your own cleaning schedule!

I’m pretty picky when it comes to cleaning and I like to clean everything as regularly as I can, that said my general rule when creating my schedule was that it all had to be do-able. Creating a schedule that is too over ambitious will result in you not completing everything. You don’t want to resent cleaning which is why I think the best strategy is to spread things out so you don’t get overwhelmed but everything gets cleaned.

How To Create Your Own Simple Cleaning Schedule

So think about how often things in you house need cleaned and start there. Daily, weekly, monthly and a couple of times a year. Then fill out a word document with what works for you!

Daily: I keep my daily cleaning pretty simple and here are my rules: make my bed first thing, never leave the house or go to bed with dishes in the sink, never leave the house with clothes on the floor and wipe down the counters after dinner. These simple things will keep your house looking “picked up” all the time.

Weekly: My weekly list includes sweeping the hardwoods downstairs and mopping.

Monthly: Some of my monthly cleaning tasks include: vacuuming entire house, cleaning the bathrooms, wiping down baseboards, cleaning appliances and dusting the entire house.

Pick One From The List to do Each Month: These are tasks like wiping down the inside of the fridge, cleaning vents, cleaning windows, cleaning cabinet fronts, etc.

I keep a copy of my list and then at the beginning of each month, I schedule everything that needs to be done into my planner. Sundays are my cleaning days where I do the bulk of cleaning but I will do some of the tasks on Saturday as well.

I obviously to the daily tasks daily and the weekly tasks weekly and then I spread out the Monthly tasks over the Sundays of the month and then pick on from my yearly list to accomplish at some point in the month.

Well that is how I have been accomplishing my cleaning for the last couple of years. I encourage you to try out this model and then reflect and tweak what doesn’t work. Pick a day or two that you will accomplish all of your cleaning for the week and stick to your schedule (but of course be flexible if you have to!)

What does your cleaning schedule look like? What works for you?

Thanks for catching up!

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