Kauai 2018: Days 4-7

Hi Everyone! It’s time to share the next installment of our trip to Kauai earlier this month. If you missed Part One you can read it here!

We kept things busy and exciting so here we go!


Tuesday brought us to Miguel’s most anticipated activity, the helicopter ride! Because most of the island of Kauai is uninhabited and unreachable by car, the only way to really see it is by air. That brought us to a one hour helicopter ride around the island.

It was pretty awesome to see the mountains and more waterfalls than I could count. Miguel absolutely loved it – I was feeling a little iffy from the motion by the end but it was okay.

Afterwards we were starving and ordered an entire pizza at a place near our hotel and we ate it all so quick that there wasn’t even time to take a picture.

After that we relaxed until dinner. We went to Kauai Beer company for dinner.


The next day, we decided to trek back up to the north side. We started with visiting the Kailua Lighthouse.

Then we went to play some mini golf. It was probably the prettiest mini golf I’ve ever seen, since it doubled as a botanical garden.

For lunch we had a bite at Tiki Iniki – a tiki bar with some fun drinks.

We had a special date for dinner at an old sugar cane plantation owner’s mansion turned restaurant, Gaylord’s. We did a little shopping then were seated to dinner at a great (and romantic) table all alone overlooking the courtyard.

The food was great and so were the drinks and dessert. We got on a lava flow kick during this trip – I tried to get one at every restaurant they were so dang good!


Thursday was our boat ride along the Napali Coast. We had a beautiful day out and we got to see dolphins, turtles and even whales! And of course the beautiful Napali.

Miguel had a blast, unfortunately for me, after about an hour in, I started feeling really sick. And it never got better, which meant I was throwing up of the side of the boat for the rest of the 5 hour boat trip. I wish I would’ve enjoyed it more because it was definitely a cool experience.

It took a while for me to feel better again even after we got off that boat.

But for dinner we went to Duke’s which is right on the Marriott property. It is a super beachy place with a great view of the ocean.


The next day we decided to check out the Kauai Museum which was pretty cool to see all of the artifacts from the old days when Hawaii was still ruled by a monarchy.

Then we stopped quick to see a pretty large waterfall – they are everywhere on Kauai!

We enjoyed lunch right on the beach at lava lava beach club – you literally ate right in the sand! We devoured our burgers because we were starving but it was good!

That afternoon was beautiful so we enjoyed some more pool time!

And some ice cream!

We laid low for dinner and just grabbed some sushi and a flatbread and ate in the room.

We have been really enjoying our time in Kauai and getting used to the time change and just enjoying each other and not worrying about work or chores.

Thanks for catching up!

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  1. I’m so sorry you got sick on the boat trip! I can’t imagine being sea sick for five hours! I didn’t know I got sea sick until I was on a boat either. Not fun! lol Also, those tiki stools and cups are so adorable!

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