Kauai 2018: Days 8-11

Alright it is time for the LAST installment of Hawaii posts today! It has been all about Kauai this week on the blog. You can read parts one and two as well for the first parts of our trip if you missed them!

These may be the last days of our trip but we kept going and did a lot more cool stuff so keep reading!


Day Eight, Saturday, also known as the day that it rained like 30 inches in Kauai. For real. We tried to go to a farmer’s market in the morning but it was basically raining sideways. We still got out of the car and tried to brave it, but after less than 10 minutes we gave up and ate mexican food instead.

To escape the rain we had a Netflix afternoon and binge watched in our hotel room until it was time for dinner reservations. This was probably the least exciting day of the trip.

But at least we ended it with some yummy Italian food at a restaurant at the resort.

I love ravioli and pink sauce – probably my favorite food ever.


The next day the rain let up a bit which was good because we had more outdoor fun to have.We ate a big breakfast at the hotel then went off for our activity.

I booked an ATV guided tour around a cattle ranch that we found out is where a ton of movies are filmed. Jurassic Park, Pirates of the Carribean, Indiana Jones and more all had scenes filmed on the property we drove around.

Let me tell you, we got DIRTY. I think I was the muddiest person on the tour (thanks to my husband who liked to floor it though the puddles). But we were giggling the whole time so it was a lot of fun.

I look pretty dorky and dirty in every picture thanks to the bobble head helmet and the mud.

We got to the hotel and took a shower and threw our laundry in the washer because it was gross and then relaxed by the pool with a snack until it was time to get dinner.

We had reservations at Beach House that night which is a really nice restaurant with views overlooking the ocean and the perfect sunset.

Also, the food was delicious! We both got the seafood pasta and it had the best fish I’ve ever had in it.


On our last full day we had a tubing tour booked. Kauai used to be covered in sugar cane plantations back in the day so irrigation systems were built for the fields. Now, those irrigation systems are no longer in use and are basically just small systems of rivers. Since Kauai is pretty mountainous, they had to dig caves through the mountains to allow the water to flow through them. The tour we went on has you float down these rivers and which means also floating through the caves!

It was pretty cool and we had fun – plus it was a nice low energy activity for our last day 🙂

We got one more nice and sunny afternoon at the pool before having to get ready for dinner.

Four our last night, we decided on another celebratory dinner at Tidepools at the Grand Hyatt resort. It was such a cool restaurant and I loved the chairs we sat in as well as the view of the koi pond right at our feet.

The food was pretty great too!


We woke up on our last day and packed up and checked out of the hotel. We grabbed lunch at Duke’s again to soak up the last of the ocean views.

Then we headed out to a little shopping center to kill some time before our flight that night. We walked around, got some ice cream and some nachos too.

Then since it was close, we stopped at spouting horn – it is basically like a little geyser that sprays over water out of it when the waves come in.

As for getting home, that was a little bit of an adventure… first our flight was cancelled so we acted quickly and luckily got on the only other flight to the mainland that night to San Francisco and then from there to Chicago. Flying over night isn’t always the best nights sleep so needless to say we were tired coming back home!

We had a wonderful time and I am so glad I am able to document it here so I can always come back and read all about our trips in detail. Miguel and I have already decided that we will be visiting Hawaii again someday 🙂

Thanks for catching up and being interested in all of my honeymoon posts! I also took a lot of video over our trip so I am putting together a short video of all the clips together that I will share when I am done!

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    1. Thanks! We had a great time, we hope we can go back again someday. Thanks for taking the time to read al the posts!

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