Here in Iowa we kind of skipped Spring. We went from coats to shorts in about a week and now we are in what I would call early summer weather: nice and warm and sunny but not too hot and muggy yet. That means I have busted out the shorts and sandals already!

Although we didn’t have a “normal” spring, I’m still going to show you some ideas of what I wear during these months transitioning into summer!

One of my must haves for spring is white jeans! White jeans are great with a tank top when it isn’t “hot” out yet but still warm and you are wanting to look fashionable. (Bring a denim jacket and you are good to go if it gets too chilly). This is one of my go to looks. My jeans are from express (my go to for pants – try the jegging style!)

Another one of my favorites when it isn’t super hot yet but we have moved out of snow is a cute pair of slip ons! I bought these last year and year them all the time! There are multiple colors as well. But any pair of slip ons are great and can really put together an outfit!

My other go to show right now are Birkenstocks. I love how comfortable they are and obviously easy to put on. I have had these for almost 4 years now and still one of my favorite investments (worth the money). They also go with a wide variety of outfits when you want a more dressed down look. I am always grabbing for these once the weather warms up!

I just checked out J Crew Factory for the first time the other day and bought quite a few new things to try out! I was looking for things I could wear in the evenings and on weekends other than workout clothes that were still just as comfy but looked more put together. I was so happy to put together these two outfits:

Shorts | Shirt

Shorts | Shirt | Sandals

I already wore the green shorts outfit out last weekend and got a compliment!

Linking up with Shay for How We Wednesday’s. What are your May fashion go to’s?

Thanks for catching up!

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    1. You should definitely check it out! (Especially when there is a good sale!) Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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