Weekend Recap: Parties!

Happy Monday, friends!

This weekend has been pretty eventful for us so I thought it deserved an entire post to go over all of the excitement! I enjoy sharing the joy in our life with you, my readers, but also like having a place to write down these memories that I can keep forever.

Thursday started off with me upgrading my phone – I went big and got the 8 plus – and I also purchased an apple watch! When apple watches first came out, I didn’t think I needed one. But over the last year or so I thought it may be something that would be cool to have but not a necessity. However, when I found out the new model had the “cellular” connection and I didn’t need my phone near it for it to work, I was sold. I have had it for only a few days and am still getting the hang of it but I love it so far! (I also love my new phone as well- I was a little worried it would be too big for me, but I like it).

Friday we went out to dinner at a newer place, Tin Roost. We had tried to go to a local winery for some live music and to enjoy the weather but it was so packed we had to opt for plan B. Although we didn’t get to sit outside we enjoyed our food, drinks and our time together (the most important part). Plus I love the aesthetic of this place! If you are local you should try it out if you haven’t (located in North Liberty).

Saturday was the BIG day of the weekend because we had THREE parties to attend.

First off, it was my little brother Nick’s graduation party as he graduated form high school yesterday. He had a nice party and everyone enjoyed themselves and we got to spend time with family I don’t see all the time!

Then we made our way to our friend’s daughter Elodie’s first birthday! I left my phone in the car so I wasn’t on it (because hello, new apple watch) but that sadly meant I got zero pictures of the cute birthday girl or decor. It was a tropical theme though and it was a lot of fun too 🙂

We ended the night back in my hometown to celebrate my grandma’s birthday with dinner out with my family. It was a very long but fun day! Parties are fun but I’m glad we don’t have 3 parties every weekend 😉

Well thanks for catching up! I will be back later this week for home home updates and will be looking for your opinions on work wear fashion so stay tuned!

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