Yes, who is excited for Friday? And a long weekend on top of that? I am for sure! Today I thought us girls could talk about something I am guessing we all would like some help with from time to time, what we should wear to work!

I can’t be the only one that gets bored of my work-wear wardrobe. I feel like I am always repeating the same stuff! If you feel the same way, keep reading (and hopefully share any tips you have so we can all learn from each other!)

Where we work impacts how we dress in many ways so here is a little info about my work environment so we know what I am dressing for: I work in an office setting (large building, cubicles) with no in person customer interaction, I am surrounded by all engineers (known for being casual) and 85% of them are men. We do not have a dress code at our work which means for the most part, people keep it very casual. This can be good or bad in my opinion, it’s nice to have flexibility, but I also think it is important to dress professionally.

So where does this leave me? I try to dress business casual but I usually error on the side of casual – because my work environment is super casual and I sit for most of the day at a computer but I still want to look NICE because I believe it leaves an impression on people.

Here is my signature work day attire for most days:

Bottoms: Skinny Pants from Express
Top: A t-shirt/tank and cardigan combo, blouse or sweater (in the winter)
Shoes:Ballet Flats

I shared this picture in my post all about work and it is pretty standard for the type of style you can usually find me in at work (I have a work polo on in this pic):

So I love my Skinny Pants from Express because they look put together but are super comfortable and are a good quality to last. And I also love my cardigan from Old Navy. I think both places offer great work wear attire.

I’ve also started branching out and started shopping at LOFT a lot more for work wear (Sweaters, tanks, tees) and recently, I have been loving these tees for work wear because when I wear them with my pants above, I think it dresses them up a little but they could also be worn with shorts after work too. Plus, I love the patterns and think it is way better than a solid tee!

My other new venture is J Crew Factory for work wear this summer. I mean hello how cute is this skirt and top? I love the popover style! And I think the skirt is casual but also put together.

And this fun tank can also pull double duty for work or weekend and is super cute. I love wearing tanks and pants to work in the summer! (It’s probably what you will find me in the most June-August).

So, as you can see, I am trying to build a better work wardrobe, but it takes time and money to do so!

So here are my questions for you:

Where are the places you shop for work wear? (High quality staples and trendier tops)

What does your normal work wear attire look like?

Does your work have a dress code? Is it a more casual or formal atmosphere?

Again, my goal here is to share and help everyone get inspiration for new things to wear to work, so come back and check for comments later today (but also post your own :)).

Thanks for catching up!

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