A few weeks ago, Miguel and I ordered AncestryDNA kits for ourselves for fun to see what our DNA said about us. Miguel really wanted to do this for a long time so when the kits went on sale, we jumped on the opportunity.

Well our results came in this past week and we were pretty interested in our results as you can imagine! So there were no big surprises for either of us but it is always nice to confirm for sure what you already know. I thought I would share them on here because these things interest me and maybe they interest you too! (If not then you can come back next week :))

Claire’s Results

Like I said, my results were no big surprise. I came in as 100% European.

Great Britain/Whales/Scotland: 43%

West Europe (Most likely my German and Dutch Heritage): 32%

East Europe (Most likely my Polish Heritage): 20%

Scandinavian/Finland: 5%

I honestly thought my West Europe Category was going to be the biggest so I am a little surprised that the UK actually takes the biggest chunk for me!

Miguel’s Results 

Native American – Mexico Region 47%

-It was even specific enough to name Chihuahua and Jalisco (where his parents were born)

Iberian Peninsula (Most likely his Spanish roots): 21%

Europe South: 8%

Other regions (there were a lot of small percentages): 24%

Miguel’s was obviously a little more specific which I think is awesome and it’s cool that it was exactly what he had known.

It is even smart enough to match you with family members that have also taken the test! My cousin Alexa showed up as a match. So cool.

Well, I would definitely recommend this little test because heritage is something that interests me and Miguel and I am glad we experienced it together to find out where our ancestors came from (or maybe better words, confirm what we thought we knew :))

Thanks for catching up!

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