Today I am linking up with the Blended Blog for another linkup of TBB asks. I am just going to answer the questions in the graphic below and you can get to know me a little more. Today’s topic is: Summer Lovin!

So here we go:

Walk or Bike:

Definitely walk! I love going on walks for exercise when it is nice out. I don’t really enjoy being on a bike.

Favorite Picnic Food:

I don’t go on many picnics but I would have to say pasta salad! I love pasta salad.

Pool or Lake:

Definitely a pool girl. I feel like it’s cleaner. And I can sit on the side and set me feet in. And there are no fish. And a bathroom is usually within walking distance 🙂

Favorite Flavor Of Ice Cream:

Cookie Dough or Oreo. (Or maybe both!)

Cone or Dish:

I love cones! I will always pick cone.

Flip Flops or Slides:

I love flip flops for the summer, so easy and keep your feet cool!

Shorts or Capris:

Definitely shorts! These are my favorite this year.

Favorite Fruit:

Give me all the berries! I eat berries every morning: strawberries, rasberries, blueberries, blackberries. Yum 🙂

Corn on or off the Cob:

You would think since I am from Iowa I would like corn on the cob, but I really don’t. I would rather eat it off!

Summertime Song:

This is a tough one. I’m not sure I have one.. but we are always playing a beachy/summer playlist while we are outside.

Summertime Activity:

Being outside, near water, getting a tan 🙂

Favorite Berry:

I obviously didn’t read ahead 🙂 I love them all but Strawberries probably are my absolute fave.


Bikinis. I found ones from Old Navy I really liked this year!

Dresses or Skirts:

Dresses. I wear sun dresses all summer because they are so cool and cute!

One Word to Describe Summer:


Thanks for catching up!

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