Happy Friday! I’m back for my monthly Friday favorites. Today’s theme is what you need to enjoy your deck/patio outdoors this summer! We spent a ton of time on our back deck over Memorial Day Weekend and these are the things we used and am so glad we bought! Check them out to make your outdoor summer activities even better.


Pineapple Tiki Lamp

How cute is this little tiki torch? It’s small and portable so you can move it where you need it and it is tiki torch brand so it helps keep bugs away! And I think it just looks adorable (plus it has a great price).



We saw this pillow while browsing around Target. Miguel picked it out and it is really cute as well. We just set it on our lounge chair and it not only brightens up the space but is used for comfort too!


Grill Book

Miguel requested a grilling cookbook so he could up his skills. I picked this one out on amazon and am pretty pleased with it. Not only does it offer recipes, it also teaches you how to grill different things and recommends what tools to use. It is a huge book and covers so many different types if food!


Bug Soother Spray

If you aren’t from Iowa, you may not know this spray. But it is bug spray that smells GOOD and keeps those pesky gnats away. It is a life saver and actually works. I will say you have to reapply more than once if you are outside for a while but it works better than Off and smells way better too.



I can not live without these sunglasses! And they are so cheap too (plus free shipping). I love the style and color. I am always breaking my sunglasses so I never splurge and these have held up for a while now.

Thanks for catching up – now get outside and enjoy summer!

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