How To Organize Your Pantry

Happy Friday!

I am working on an organization overhaul in my house this summer and today’s reveal is my pantry! My first project was the linen closet which you can see here.

So our pantry wasn’t the worst space in our house, but it also wasn’t the best. Since the opening of the pantry doesn’t expose all of the shelving, it is really hard to get to things in “the back” (which really means to the left). This makes things tricky and really made me think of the best way to utilize the space. After two years I think I have a system that will work for us!

Decide on the necessities. Evaluate what you have in your pantry currently and decide what should stay and what should go. Throw away things you don’t need. I cleaned everything out and swapped out my extra crockpot I don’t use very often for my extra paper towels I am always needing.

Buy bins that fit your space. I bought these bins because they fit our pantry shelves perfectly – plus they are from Target and they are cheap! Measure your shelves and think about what you have to store and pick bins that work for you. I like having bins though because it keeps things organized and not just thrown on the shelf. You can find things faster and it will maximize your space. (And they are plastic for easy wipe down).

Organize the food into categories. I put things in categories like snacks, breakfast, baking, etc. Then fill your bins with these items!

Labels. The labels are an extra touch to make things look more put together and to hopefully remind my hubby that the Oreos do not belong in the canned goods bin 😉 I just made mine on Microsoft Word by making text boxes and using a pretty font and printing on yardstick paper. I attached using double sided tape.

This is a project that won’t take you very long at all once you have your bins! Just set aside an hour or so and get to work. Your future self will thank you! I look forward to organizing more spaces in my home to show here on the blog so keep an eye out!

Thanks for catching up!

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