Mid Year Book Review

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This year I skipped out on my monthly book reviews since I don’t read that many books per month and decided to do mid year reviews instead. I will promise to keep them short and just give my overall feelings on the book and if I would recommend. Of course they will all be linked to amazon! I’ve Read 10 books this year and working on number 11 which is way ahead of my 12 I read total last year! I using my free time to read and I try to only pick the best so here we go.

If Only You Knew – Kristin Higgins I know this is a popular author, but this book was kind of eh for me. Not bad, not great. I don’t think I liked the premise. But it wasn’t horrible.

Along The Infinite Sea – Beatriz Williams I wanted this one to be good so bad. I love the historical fiction part of it – however, it goes between the perspective of two women in two time periods and I think I could’ve done without the “more recent” storyline – and if you read it can you please tell me who the father is??

So Close To Amazing – KariAnne Wood

This was such a happy read! I read it in like a day and it will just really lift you up. This is a non-fiction book written by a diy-blogger and I really liked it.

How To Be an Overnight Success – Maria Hatzistefanis

I recommend this book for anyone who has a side gig, their own business or just wants to work on their personal brand! She has some good tips on making it in business. Spoiler alert – it doesn’t actually happen overnight 😉

The Last Midwife – Sandra Dallas

I read this one in Hawaii. It was a slower read for me but I did enjoy it and felt it had a complete ending which I like.

Little Fires Everywhere – Celeste Ng

This one is another popular one and it definitely had me wanting to stay up and keep reading to figure out what happened! Although, the ending was disappointing for me – I wanted more!

Jane Steele – Lindsay Faye

This one will have you wanting to put it down the first third of it – not because the book is bad but because the things that happen are horrid (and the “old english” is harder to follow at times)! However, the story gets much better and you want to keep reading to figure out what happened and be surprised by the end.

Simple Organizing – Melissa Michaels

This one was another quick read for some organizing inspiration. Is it funny that I already implement a lot of the things she suggested? I guess I didn’t need to read this one!

And Then There Were None – Agatha Christie

You should probably read this one if you haven’t already. I finished it in like a day because I needed to figure out what happened. Such a good mystery!

Magnolia Story – Chip and Joanna Gaines

I am just finishing up this one with my husband! We read it together and loved it because Chip and Jo remind us of ourselves in ways so it was really fun to read. Plus I loved finding out about their story “before fame”.

The Last of August – Brittany Cavallaro

This one is the second in a modern day Sherlock Holmes trilogy. It is more a Young Adult book but I still enjoy the mystery. I am just starting this one but I liked the first one enough to buy it!

Thanks for catching up! I encourage you to pick up a book and read 🙂

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  1. I am so glad you enjoyed And Then There Were None! I was up late reading it too! I’m going to have to check out So Close to Amazing! I haven’t heard anything about it before! I like the midyear book review idea!

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