Time Saving Tips

Something about me is that I hate to waste time. I also would rather spend my time doing things I enjoy instead of all of the boring tasks that come with being an adult. This is why I have tried to come up with as many ways I can cut down the time I spend on the boring stuff and I thought maybe some of these tips could help all of my readers too. Now, most of these are not earth-shattering ideas and individually may not sound like a lot. However, I have found that all together, they can add up to a lot of time saving!

My Time Savings Tips for Busy Lives:

Cut Down On Errands/Shopping:

One of the most time consuming things in my opinion is running errands. Drive time, in and out the car and walking, waiting in lines, etc, I hate it! This is why I try to cut out errands or make them as quick as possible:

Order Groceries and Get Them Delivered: Our local grocery store delivers for free (when you spend $100) so every week I order online and then they show up on my doorstep every sunday morning. This is my favorite time saving tip because grocery store runs can take so much time and I can’t even imagine the time I have saved over the last two years. Seriously I can’t go back.

Use Free/Fast Shipping To Your Advantage: I am an amazon prime member so anything I can’t have delivered for free from my grocery store and it is on amazon- this is where I buy it and it’s here in two days! That said, I’ve noticed Target does free 2-day shipping with $35 orders and some of the household items are cheaper than Amazon so I also order ALOT from target and it is here really fast. This means I rarely have to go to an actual store.

Use Order pick up When Required: Somethings can’t be shipped (or I can’t wait) so I will do order pickup at any store that offers it. This way I run in and out pretty quick. Target even has Drive Up now which I have tried and it’s super convenient. I think it would be even more convenient if you had babies!

Automate Your Bills: I hated having to either drive to the bank to pay bills, or having to remember to pay online even so I automated ALL of our bills. Everything gets taken directly out of our bank account. I just have to track when it’s getting taken out and how much to make sure we are on track.

In The Kitchen

The other place that is a “time-drain” if you will is the kitchen. So much time spent cooking and cleaning everyday but I have tips to reduce that time!

Make Use of One Pot Meals: I kind of declare my self the one pot meal Queen. I try to cook as many as I can because one pot meals usually cook pretty fast and one pot used means only one pot to clean which means less dishes!

Use Crockpot Liners: I use my crockpot A LOT and I use a crockpot liner every time. Seriously it doesn’t get better than that. My crockpot does all the cooking (time saving) and to clean up I just take out the liner and no scrubbing!

Use Pam: If you a baking, spray your pan with Pam! I hate when I forget and end up scrubbing forever. Use Pam and clean up is quick!

Clean As You Go: As I am cooking I am also cleaning up my mess, so by the time I’m done, things are usually pretty much picked up already. In between stirs, throw stuff away or cut up your next ingredient or set the table 🙂


Pick Out Your Clothes The Night Before: That way you don’t have to do it in the morning!

Pack Your Lunch: I always pack my lunchbox the day before so I don’t have to in the morning before work.

I’m sure there’s more, but I will stop there! What do you do to help save time? Let me know below!

Thanks for catching up!

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