“Junk” Drawer Clean Up

Today’s post is just a fun little extra. Nothing fancy or shocking and some of you may just not care. But, if you have been following along with my other home organization (Linen Closet and Pantry) make overs or just love to see organized spaces, then keep reading 🙂

A tiny space that was driving me absolutely nuts in our home was our so called “junk drawer”. I hate this name because I don’t like the idea of having “junk” in my house because junk should be thrown away 🙂 A better word would be utility drawer, so that’s what I’m going to call it, but ya know- it’s that one drawer in the kitchen that all the pens, scissors, coupons, remotes, chargers, etc. gets stuffed into?

Well the one in our house was a complete mess and Miguel wasn’t doing it any favors in trying to keep it organized. So I added it to my list of spaces to organize, ordered some bins and got to work.

Now I don’t have any before pictures (but just imagine a whole bunch of stuff jammed into a little drawer, you couldn’t find anything and stuff was scattered all around.) But here is what it looks like now!

It makes my type-A heart feel so much better when I have to get my scissors out now 🙂

Not a big space but it seriously took me just under 20 minutes to take it all out, throw away the trash, relocate other things that didn’t belong here and put what did belong into bins. I encourage you to start small with a space and see how much better you feel 🙂

Here are the small bins I used.

Thanks for catching up!

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