Happy Monday! It is already July (can you believe it?) which means it is already time for a fun TBB asks with the Blended Blog. This months theme is vacations, which I love vacations so I am pretty pumped about these questions!

Are we going on a Summer vacation: 

Yes! End of summer, but still summer. We can’t wait 🙂

Relax or Pack it all in:

It depends on the vacation. If it is somewhere new then most likely pack it all in because I want to see everything! Also, beach/cruise vacations tend to me more relaxed. (Although Hawaii was pretty active).

What Month:

Probably “off months” since we don’t have kids. May and September are good months!


YES! That is actually what we are doing later this summer.. I haven’t been on one since I was 14 so hopefully I think they are just as awesome 🙂

Favorite Vacation Tradition:

I’ve been going to our family condo on Siesta Key since I was 18 months old, so I would say all of the things we do when we visit (including a day trip to Orlando) and all of my favorite restaurants are the best traditions.

Most Memorable Vacation:

This is a tough one! Because there have been so many! Both trips to Hawaii were super great vacations (including our honeymoon earlier this year). But also all of my Disney Trips (including the Disney Cruise) hold a special place in my heart.

Pack Light or Pack it All:

I like to think I am a pretty great packer of a suitcase. Which means I fit a lot into a little space so I can take everything I think I may need 🙂

Hotel, Condo, House:

I’ve probably spent most of my vacations at our condo, but hotels are what we use other wise.

Favorite Things to Eat:

Fruity drinks! And of course my favorite thing – Italian food!

Warm or Cold:

Definitely warm! We get enough cold in Iowa!

Thanks for catching up!

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