Fourth of July Traditions

Happy Independence Day!

I wanted to use today’s post to talk about the holiday and show you some decor I put up for today! My original idea was to write about 4th of July traditions too, but as I was thinking, I don’t really have any traditions!

Today is mine and Miguel’s 6th Fourth of July together, and I don’t think we have done anything close to the same thing any year. (Except maybe eat hotdogs :)) This Holiday has always been kind of go with the flow and see what happens. We usually have spent it with friends, some type of grilling and sometimes fireworks, but in all honesty- we’ve probably only watched fireworks once in our 6 years. It’s a pretty laid back day for us – even today we have no big plans, just a nice midweek day off for us!

The past couple of years we have made long weekends out of Fourth of July and gone out of town, but with this year being on a Wednesday it was kind of awkward to do so. I’m hoping as we get older we may establish some July Fourth Traditions but for now, I guess our tradition is always doing something a bit different each year and that’s okay. I guarantee there will always be hot dogs though 🙂

And here’s some pictures of decor I put up around my mantle to celebrate the holiday – because I always love a good excuse to put some festive decor out!

Thanks for catching up!

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