So today I am doing something new. I realized the other day I had never done a day in the life post before! If you don’t know what that is, I basically take pictures of a random day and write about it in a blog post to show what an average day in the life looks like around here. I love reading these from other bloggers and I wanted to give it a shot.

I decided to document this past Monday which was a work day for me. I learned that the hardest part of Day in the lIfe posts are remembering to take pictures, but also for me, I can’t really take pictures of my work so there’s not a lot from the middle part of my day but here we go!

My alarm goes off at 5:20 on weekdays and then I finally drag myself out of bed at 5:50 after going through my phone and snoozing a little more. Miguel has already left for work at this point. He is usually working out and eating breakfast while I am still snoozing.

Then I jump in the shower and start getting ready for work. I always watch TV in the bathroom as I am getting ready. I am currently watching Will & Grace form the beginning even though I’ve seen every episode out of order already. I also watch the bachelorette form the night before if I need to catch up in the morning.

After I get ready I eat a quick breakfast of Cheerios and Berries.

Then I am dressed and out the door hopefully by 7:20. Here was what I was wearing this day which is pretty typical for me.

I get to my desk about 20 minutes later and am ready for the day. This is the only picture I snapped at work just because of the nature of the work I do. You can read more about my job here.

After a day at work of pretty much the normal software program tasks. I then get home a little after 4:00.

The first things I always do once I get home are open the mail, unpack and pack my lunch box and change into my comfy clothes. These are musts.

Then at this time I usually sit down in my office and do anything I need to do. Home and financial stuff, emails, writing blogs, etc. Anything that involves my computer or planner.

After that Miguel is usually home but he was working a little late today so I decided to give my toes a much needed painting. During this time on somedays I will workout too or read.

Miguel came home and showered and we packed his suitcase to travel this week for work and then he was on dinner duty grilling for us for dinner.

Then while Miguel had the door open, a wasp got in the house and it turned into operation kill the wasp. Always keeping it interesting.

Then we spent the rest of the evening watching our show on Netflix, The Ranch.

Miguel didn’t want to do smile for pictures.

We stayed up a little later than normal and didn’t go up for bed until after 9 (usually it’s by 8:30) and I did my night time routine and went to bed.

That’s a pretty typical weekday for me. I am thinking maybe someday I will do a weekend day in the life too so you can see how they differ.

Thanks for catching up, have a great weekend!

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