One Pot Meal #30: Taco Salad

Today’s one pot recipe is barely even a recipe. I know everyone probably already knows how to make this meal and there is nothing original about it. But in all honesty, I looked and saw that I had a meal scheduled for today and Miguel was out of town last week and when he is gone I eat pretty boring and healthy stuff but I needed to post a meal so here we are.

BUT this is still technically a one pot meal because I only use one pan to cook and then I just assemble everything else. Maybe you’ve never thought about how health, convenient that taco salads are so I am here to remind you today. This is a meal I make often for myself so I think it still deserves to be part of my one pot recipe collection.

Taco Salads

What you need

-One Pound of Lean Ground Beef (I buy the leanest I can find)
-Chopped green pepper
-Packet of taco seasoning (I use low sodium)
-One serving size of tortilla chips
-A handful of lettuce
-A sprinkle of shredded cheese
-Spoonful of light sour cream

What to do

-Brown your ground beef with chopped green pepper and add in the taco seasoning.
-Layer your chips on a plate, topped with lettuce, then about 1/4 pound beef, then cheese then sour cream.
-I like to mix everything together as I eat and crunch up the chips a bit!

You could also adda little salsa if you wanted. This is a super easy and low calorie recipe and it actually fills me up! Easy clean up at the end isn’t bad either. You can definitely make this into a family meal or portion it out and have it for a few days!

Thanks for catching up!

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