Hair Growth Tips

Today, I have pretty long hair. I get a lot of comments on how long it is, but it wasn’t always like that for most of my life actually.

When I was really little my mom always kept it cut short because my hair is pretty unmanageable (it has a texture almost like cotton candy) and gets super tangled. But from middle school through high school I pretty much had shoulder length hair and would get it cut very often (and also straighten it every day).

Then in college, I didn’t have the time or money to get my haircut regularly and I kind of wanted long hair anyway so I decided to grow it out.

Here’s what my hair looked like in 2012:

And three and a half years later in May 2016: (curled)

And here it is today:

I thought I would share on how I was able to grow my hair this long fairly quickly and maintain it. I always thought that my hair grew so slow until I learned what to do to make your hair grow LONG. First off I will say that I never used any products or pills that advertise hair growth, everything I did was natural. And honestly, there are just a few simple steps to have long healthy hair.

-Use the least amount of heat as you can. This includes blow dryer, straightener and curling iron. I went so many days letting my hair air dry and then going natural. Try just doing it on the weekends first or cutting down to just one hot tool a day. You will be amazed by the difference.

-I only get a haircut about twice a year and I ask for just a trim of the ends. Getting your hair trimmed all the time WILL NOT MAKE IT GROW FASTER. Trust me, I used to get it trimmed all the time in high school and my hair stayed the exact same length. If you cut off everything you grow, it will never get longer. Like I said, I get it trimmed out twice a year to make sure I keep it healthy but still growing.

-I also have never ever put color in my hair and I am sure that doesn’t hurt either. Since I don’t add any chemicals to my hair it stays a lot nicer on the ends and less needs to be cut off.

So the things to remember: Less cuts, less heat and less chemicals and you will be on your way to long hair too.

Now, it does take time so be patient but these methods do work so stick to it!

Thanks for catching up!

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