How I Pack Lunches

Hi there! Today I am linking up with Shay and Erika for How We Wednesdays and today’s topic is how we pack lunches!

Now, I don’t have any children so if you are here for ideas on how to pack kid lunches, you may want to move on lol. BUT if you are an adult looking for what to do for your own or your hubby’s lunch to take to work then keep reading!

Both my husband and I work regular jobs during the week and we both bring our lunches. My solution to making lunch packing easy? I make double what we need for dinner and then that’s what we eat for lunch the next day! It isn’t rocket science but it is such a life saver.

I cook 5 nights a week and most recipes make more than enough to feed just the two of us so it’s really a no brainer. Plus, going out to eat or packing two new lunches for the both of us would take more time, cost more money and require more work over all and I am just not about that life at all. (And going out to eat is so unhealthy!)

Every night when I am cleaning up dinner, I just dish the left overs into two reusable containers for us and pop them in the fridge and then they are ready for our lunch boxes in the morning. We both usually add snacks too like granola bars, popcorn, fruit, yogurt etc that I always keep in the house.

If you need help with making consistent dinners so that you can have leftovers, may I suggest taking a look at my list of One Pot Recipes? I am making my way to 100 but there are a lot of super easy and simple recipes you could make and clean up will be a breeze! (Like a crowd favorite – dump and bake ravioli!)

Thanks for catching up!

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  1. I pack my husband and I’s lunches too. We are big on using leftovers as well. When meal planning, I really try to take that into consideration as well.

    1. Yes I meal plan every week and always try to work in things that are good for leftovers!

  2. I do lunches for my husband & I pretty much the same! We almost always have leftovers and toss in some snacks as well, when we don’t have leftovers I try to always have some salad or soup on hand. I hate having to buy lunch either at the work cafeteria or going out – for time, money, & health sake!

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