Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist

It’s been over 10 months since my wedding but it occurred to me that I never wrote a post about an overall wedding checklist! My wedding checklist/to do list was the only thing keeping me on track during my wedding planning. I came up with my to do list from many different sources online, in magazines, apps, etc. but I felt that none of them had everything in them so I was always mashing up lists.

If you are getting married, I am sure you already have some sort of to do list already (if not, you can use mine a starting point!), but you should compare to mine and make sure you aren’t leaving anything out!

So here it is, my ultimate wedding planning checklist!

I did use The Knot app to check things off their list as I was planning but I also kept a separate, more specific list for myself. I suggest doing this either in a notebook or in a document on your computer.

Next week I will have my Wedding Execution Binder Template available so that you can plan your big day down to the very last detail!

Thanks for catching up!

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