The past month or so I have been on a health kick. Now, I’m no health expert and I haven’t had a huge body transformation or anything like that. But, about two years ago I got a wake up call that I wasn’t in a great shape as I was when I started college and I wasn’t super happy with myself. So I have been trying different ways to work out  and eat healthier but I always seem to fall off the track at some point, gain back the 5 pounds I worked hard to lose and start the cycle again. Does this sound like you? Ugh, I am kind of sick of it. I don’t feel like I am overweight but losing weight doesn’t come easy to me.

The good news is I feel like I found a routine that I think really works for me to be healthier! I have some goals to drop a few pounds and be more toned and I know this does not happen over night so I really really want to keep this up. I wanted to share what has been working for me and hopefully fuel some motivation for you incase you are in the same boat and need some new ideas!  Because sometimes I think it just takes finding the right thing for you and that can take some time and some trial and error.

So in order to lose weight you must burn more calories than you consume. It’s science. And easier said than done. You don’t need special shakes or pills or a fad diet. You don’t have to cut out all carbs. I’m going to share how I have gone about it in the most straight forward way.


First and foremost you need to be aware of what you are putting into your body. I knew I was eating probably too much and needed to reduce my calorie intake. I didn’t want to cut out a specific food group (because there are nutrients in all the food groups!!) because I need my carbs and cheese so I still eat anything I want – just in moderation.

I started with counting my calories for a normal day and realized I was consuming way more than I thought. I calculated a new calorie goal and then started counting calories to make sure I was staying in this goal. Now, I said I didn’t eliminate any food group from my diet but let me tell you, if you waste all your calories for the day on junk – you will be hungry! Doing this forced me to choose low calorie options so I could eat more and still stay within my goal so I am eating way healthier now as a result! My biggest weakness is pasta so that is unfortunately the first thing I try to eat less of. I try to fill up on veggies and chicken and fruit! My other tip is to not drink your calories. I only drink water and nothing else. I don’t want to waste calories that I could be eating. Second biggest tip – avoid going out to eat.

I also would like to say that after counting calories for a while and getting a feel of just how many calories are in the foods you tend to eat, you don’t need to count to the exact number every day. Don’t make yourself crazy. I just personally needed that wake up call of just how many calories I was consuming. You may be surprised. It gets way easier when you pay more attention to how much calories are in something. But I also try not to obsess over it. As long as I am in the ball park of my goal, I know I am doing better than before.


So this one is more simple. I finally found workouts that I like to do! Leslie Sansone’s Walk at Home. Her videos are so fun! She has a ton on YouTube for free and they are cardio/aerobic workouts. I try to do at least a 30 minute video everyday and I feel so good. If you are looking to to something new then I encourage you to try these videos. It is a great way to burn calories!

Let me know if this is something you would like to chat more about! I can also give samples of what I eat if that would be helpful. Thanks for catching up!

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