DIY Wedding Execution Binder

I’ve mentioned my wedding execution plan binder a couple times on the blog since getting married last September, and I am finally making the templates of those pages available!

This is what I used to make sure I had every last detail planned for the big day. I didn’t have a wedding planner or coordinator because this binder I made was my coordinator! It includes lists for everything, times/schedules, contact information, everything! It lined out who was doing what when so nothing was forgotten and no one was scrambling and no one had to ask me any questions – they already knew the answer. The goal of this was that someone could pick up this binder and execute my wedding with no prior info – that’s how detailed I tried to make it!

I filled in every page and then printed it all out, three whole punched the pages and placed them into a binder. I tried to have this done a couple of weeks ahead of the wedding so I knew everything was in place and I wasn’t forgetting anything. I made extra copies of all the schedules to hand out to the people involved in the wedding so everyone knew exactly where they needed to be and when and what they should be doing.

Let me say that there are a lot of pages and I went into a lot of detail in all my pages, which takes a lot of work but it was probably the best thing I did for myself pre-wedding because I feel my wedding executed very smoothly because I planned every thing out (and wrote it down) ahead of time.

Click the link below to download the customizable Word Document that has a template of all the pages. You will be able to fill in the pages in Word and save and print yourself.

Free Download: Wedding Execution Plan

If you want help or have questions I seriously would love to chat more about the inner workings of wedding planning – please reach out! Remember, this is to help you and make your life easier!

Thanks for catching up!

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