Travel Packing Tips

At our house, it seems that we are always packing a suitcase for something. Miguel has been traveling constantly for work the last couple of months and 3 of the past 4 weekends have also consisted of trips to Atlanta, Wisconsin and Chicago. That’s just this summer. I have been traveling and packing my entire life so I feel like this is a category I know a thing or two about. (I was also taught a thing or two about packing from the travel expert himself, my dad). So today I thought I would share my tips on best packing practices.

Have A To Go Toiletry Bag Packed
Since we travel a lot, we each have a toiletry bag packed with travel sized products so we aren;t constantly packing and unpacking all of our bathroom stuff. If you don’t travel often enough for that I suggest to pack your toiletries as you are getting ready so you don’t forget anything.

Emergency Kit
I also always have a little pouch I keep in my big carry on tote. It has things like hand sanitizer, band aids, Advil, etc. It’s nice to have when you’re away from home.

Pack a Garbage Bag
We always pack a garbage bag or two to put our dirty laundry in. Super easy to unpack once we get home!

Ziplock Baggies
Anything liquid always goes in a baggie but I always pack extras! All sizes too, quart and gallon. They always come in handy.

Plan Your Outfits
Think about what you are doing while you are away, look at the weather forecast, plan your outfits (write it down if it’s a long trip) and lay everything out so you don’t over pack – But always bring staple extras like socks underwear and a sweater.

Make It All Fit
Get everything you are packing and lay it out, then methodically place in suitcase so you can fit it all. Socks and underwear always go in the bottom. Sometimes we roll shirts to make things fit.

Don’t Wait Until The Last Minute
always try to have everything in the suitcase the night before so you have time to think about if you are forgetting anything. This just makes things less stressful.

Okay that was a lot, a little random and to be honest there are probably more and I could get even more specific. Maybe that means there will be a part two someday – we’ll see!

Thanks for catching up!

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