Happy Friday!

I am all about trying to make my life easier in whatever ways I can. I love finding new ways of doing things or products that can help me achieve this! I think a lot of today’s favorites are about simplifying life so I hope I can inspire you to do the same today!


Smart plugs: This is our second set of smart plugs. I have lamps plugged into them and then they are connected to our Amazon Echo. It is so easy to just ask Amazon to turn the lights on in off in our living room and bedroom! Plus these are super reasonably priced for a pack of two!


Kindle: My other Amazon purchase last week was a kindle. I was finishing up a paper book I was reading this week but I am super excited to use it next on our next vacation! I hope this is easier than carrying books around! I got it on sale too so look out for sales!


Shoes: These are just too cute not to share! They seriously look just like the Steve Maddens but they are a third of the price! I love them and they are really comfy too. I did need to size up though. Sizes have been going in and out of stock so keep an eye on them!


Shop Page: On the topic of fashion. Did you know you could shop my looks on my new Shop My Closet page? I am still in the process of updating it and adding more but there are some great things to check out already!


Packing tips: On Wednesday I shared some of my packing tips. These will hopefully make your life easier next time you have to pack a bag!

Thanks for catching up!

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