Mexico Cruise 2018: Part 1

Hello Again, Friends!

We are back from our 4 night Caribbean cruise and I am here to share part one of our adventures today! We booked a four night Caribbean cruise through Carnival about 6 months ago. We had two sea days and a stop to Cozumel in the middle. I hadn’t been on a cruise in 10 years and this was Miguel’s first one so we were excited to see how we liked it. And we had a great time! Let’s just say that by day 2, Miguel was asking if we could book another cruise for next year ha.

Friday, we flew down to Tampa so we could be ready to go Saturday to board the ship. We got in late and went to bed then took our time getting over to the cruise port. We had the early 11:30 AM boarding time so we could enjoy the whole day! They took our big bags and then we made our way onto the ship.

We wore our swimsuits so we wouldn’t have to change and headed straight for the pool! It was nice and sunny and warm out so we grabbed some chairs and some drinks (and a few tacos) and relaxed until our room was ready.

When they made the announcement that rooms were ready, we went down to check it out. We didn’t get anything fancy, just a standard ocean view but it was nice considering we were on a boat! We then relaxed a bit and got changed before the safety drill. Then it was time to clean up for dinner and head to our first big meal aboard.

We were so impressed with how nice the entire staff was and how they made a point to remember your name and what you liked! Very great customer service.

The food on board was pretty good too. The first night was probably my least favorite dinner but it still wasn’t bad 😉 Plus I love love love fruity rum drinks so I treated myself each night.

After dinner we watched the comedy show and it was pretty funny! We went to bed pretty early after that. I didn’t realize that cruises were like party central!

The next day was our first day at Sea. I woke up feeling fine but by the time we got ready to head out to brunch, I was feeling less than good. It was pretty rocky that morning and I had nothing in my stomach – and unfortunately the thought of food made it worse. So that meant the morning was spent with me not feeling great at all and not being able to eat. It was also pretty hot out which wasn’t helping. I finally started feeling better once I took some Dramamine, drank lots of water and got some AC.

But Miguel volunteered to be in a contest where they put together a synchronized swimming routine. It was pretty funny!

By dinner I was back to pretty much normal again for Formal night! Another great dinner and probably my favorite meal (a mushroom parmesan pasta)! We watched the comedy show again and spent a little time in the casino. Day 2 started not so good but ended on a high note!

The next day we woke up in Mexico but I am going to save that for part 2 coming on Monday.

Thanks for catching up!

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