Mexico Cruise 2018: Part 2

Time for the second half of our Cruise posts! If you missed the first part, you can find that here.

Day Three of our cruise we woke up in Mexico! The most exciting day of all because we got to explore some place new!

Right when you get off, you walk into the cruise port area with a ton of souvenir shops so we walked around a little bit as we made our way to where the taxis were. I had done my research ahead of time and found a beach for us to go to so we knew exactly what to do and where to go. I picked Paradise Beach Club which was about a 10-15 minute taxi ride.

We really enjoyed this place! It was not an all-inclusive place or a resort so it was $3 to get in and use the chairs and then you could order your food and drinks you wanted. The beach and pool area was really big and clean! When we got there it wasn’t crowded at all and it never felt too packed all day. We also lucked out with great weather. I highly recommend this place.We just lounged on our beach chairs the entire time, ate some tacos and guac and a read! It was a great day!

After we had enough sun and heat we headed back to get back on the boat.

We rested (and napped) and got a snack from room service, and got ready for dinner! We were pretty tired but enjoyed our day. I apparently don’t have any dinner pictures form this night either. But as a side note, Miguel LOVES shrimp cocktail and that’s what he would order every night for his appetizer. Well our waiters caught on and they just kept bringing it to him! lol I think he had at least 6 servings of shrimp cocktail this night.

The next day was our last sea day. We got up and grabbed some breakfast at the buffet and headed to the pool. I read a lot and we just relaxed. But it was HOT out some were early retreaters back to the room to start packing. We watched a movie, packed and got ready for our last dinner. Again – apparently not pictures from dinner tonight either! I don’t know why I forgot dinner pictures on the last two nights.

They did have professional photographers so we got lots of pictures taken but I wasn’t about to buy a ton of them because they were pricey so we just picked one. We disembarked the next day and flew home (no fun!)

We had a wonderful time though on our cruise and we were very impressed with all of the staff on board and the cleanliness of the ship. We will definitely be cruising again!

Thanks for catching up!

2 Replies to “Mexico Cruise 2018: Part 2

  1. Did you prefer spending more time at sea than at ports of call? I honestly think I prefer being at different locations each day instead of being at sea most of the time because I would probably sleep all day everyday at sea and then I would be missing the benefit of being on a cruise.
    Do you think it’s possible to be on a cruise and not turn to eating junk food 24/7? I feel like so many people just eat crap all of the time when on a cruise and there is nothing enjoyable about being in a swimsuit after eating all the junk! 🙁

    1. We definitely liked being ported somewhere and I think next time we will try for only one boat day! However we still enjoyed our boat days by the pool and they have lots of activities!
      The food is awesome and obviously always available but I don’t feel like we over indulged too much! We didn’t eat the healthiest everyday but we didn’t over do it. Plus they do have healthy options like salad, chicken and veggies to balance out the ice cream 🙂

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