Today is “How I” Wednesday with Shay and this month’s topic is FALL. I love everything about Fall y’all. So I am sharing on how we do things around here to get into the fall spirit.

Once Labor Day weekend is over, our house switches to full on Fall mode. (Although I am not opposed to buying fall clothing and decor in August!) Here are the key elements to get into the mood:


I just decorated this past weekend and there will be a full home tour coming next week but here is a little sneak peek! I love decorating for fall and I do not keep it subtle around here haha. Seeing the decor everyday makes every little moment special even if we are just watching TV, it feels like Fall when I’m surrounded by pumpkins and leaves.

Pumpkin Food

I also start using all the pumpkin! I just made pumpkin chocolate chip muffins last week and I always make a couple of batches of pumpkin bars each year too (our favorite!)


I love college football. I will watch it all Saturday long! I am obsessed with the Iowa Hawkeyes. But once football is back on, I know it is fall!


This one is a given, gotta burn those fall candles to make your house smell like a pumpkin patch!


I just got a huge haul of Fall clothes as well that I will be sharing on Friday but here’s a sneak peak of that too. I love bringing out my booties, scarves, vests and sweaters once the weather cools down!!

Well there ya have it, everything you need to “Do Fall”! Just a few simple things to ge you in the spirit.

Thanks for catching up!

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