Two Year Blog-iversary and Reader Survey!

Exactly two years ago Monday, I posted the very first post on Catching up with Claire. It was a post about our trip to Colorado. I can’t believe it has been two years already, so I thought I would take a little trip down memory lane over the last couple of years – oh how things have changed.

I didn’t blog consistently after that first post, but by January 2017, I realized if I wanted to take my blog seriously, I needed a plan, a schedule and a lot of work! It was then I started posting 3 times a week – and let me tell you it takes a lot time! There have been so many different topics I’ve written about, and photography has improved a ton since those beginning days. And I also have so many more of you reading! Seriously, I’ve gone from a couple hundred views to a couple of thousand a month. Which is nothing to brag about really – but it’s growth and I have each and every one of you to thank.

I do this to try and help someone out there or brighten their day or tell them about something that will improve their life. But I also do it for myself. It gives me a hobby, something to work on creatively and also serves as a great journal that I will be able to look back on for a long time.

I love this little blog and I love that you are here. Which is why I would so so greatly appreciate if you would take just a few minutes and fill out my survey below. It would really help me out to keep making my blog better for you! The answers will be anonymous so I won’t know who said what – this data will just help me understand my readers better and be able to bring a blog experience you want to keep coming back to!

Thank you for a great two years and as always, thanks for catching up!

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