One Pot Meal #37: Tortellini and Tomato Soup

Before we get stared, today is my two year blogiversary!  I would love for you to take my reader survey from Friday – it would help me out so much! Can’t believe I’ve been posting blogs for two years now!

It’s Soup Season!

So I’m kicking it off with a yummy soup recipe. This recipe is so easy, only has a few ingredients and literally takes like 10 minutes total to make. Plus, it’s a really crowd pleaser as well even for picky eaters!

One Pot Tortellini and Tomato Soup

What you need

One Package of Frozen Cheese Tortellini
About 3 Cups of Chicken Broth (You could sub one of these cups for a cup of heavy cream, which is what I was planning to do but didn’t have heavy cream on hand – I wish I did but it was still good without)
About 4 ounces of Sundried Tomato Pesto Sauce (I got it in an 8 ounce jar and used half)
One pint Cherry Tomatoes
Shredded Parmesan Cheese to Garnish

What to do

In a medium pot, bring your liquid to a boil. Add in your tortellini and pesto and cook on medium until tortellini done (this only take a few minutes). Add your tomatoes in and simmer until warm. Serve in bowls and top with some cheese.

That’s it! So so easy.

You could also add in some protein by browning some beef or Italian sausage in the pot before adding everything else, it would work just the same!

Thanks for catching up for the last two years!

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