I’m doing another cute fall-themed questionnaire to kick of October today! Happy October first, everyone! October is one of my favorite months so I can’t wait to continue the Fall spirit with more festive fun.

Favorite Fall Color

I love dark red/maroon this time of year.

Apple Cider

I could drink it either way! It’s great warmed up by itself, but I also have had apple cider mimosas which are great too 😉

Caramel Apple

Yes! I LOVE caramel apples. I could eat so many.

Pumpkin or Apple Doughnut

I’m not sure if I have had either before… but they both sound delicious 🙂

Long or Short Cardigan

Somewhere in the middle. I want something that’s long enough for leggings and nice and cozy. But I also don’t prefer the duster style cardigans that go down to the knees. (I have one but it isn’t my favorite).

Favorite Fall Food

A nice warm dip! I think that is my favorite party food al year round 🙂

Orange or White Pumpkins

I love the look of white pumpkins because they are classy – but I tend to by orange ones.

Hayride or Bonfire

Both can be fun! But I would have to choose hayride because then I wouldn’t smell like fire/smoke.

Favorite Fall Baked Goodie

Pumpkin bars hands down! I use Paula Dean’s recipe. I also have been making pumpkin chocolate chip muffins that are so good!

Most Anticipated Fall Activity

Going to the pumpkin patch!

Thanks for catching up!

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