How I Meal Plan

It’s How We Wednesday and today’s topic I feel something I’ve mastered over the last couple of years. So much so that I actually wrote an entire blog post covering this topic already last year!

I went into extreme detail in this post and walk through every step I take so I can cook 5 homemade meals every week. I don’t want to copy and paste word for word everything into this post so please please go check out my full How I Meal Plan post here. I seriously do all the exact some things I say in that post so it must be working.

Okay, did you read it? The biggest take aways are an organized Pinterest and a little planning ahead! You can check out how I have my Pinterest boards organized here:

Meal planning and cooking homemade meals for your family does not have to be complicated. Trust me – I only do simple when it comes to dinner time. Which is also why I LOVE one pot meals. I love them so much that I have made a hobby out of creating my own and I am documenting my way through 100 One Pot Meals. You can see all of the ones I have so far here (there are 38 right now and I try to post one weekly!)

I really hope this helped and inspired you, but please go read the original Meal Plan post for ALL the goods.

Thanks for catching up!

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