Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

This year is mine and Miguel’s sixth Halloween together. For the past five years, we have done a couples costume every Halloween. We love dressing up and we love having a theme for our costumes! I’m not going to share what we came up with this year quite yet, but I thought I would share the last five years of couples costumes incase you need some ideas or inspiration for your own costumes!

We are pretty proud of our costumes each year and I would say we do a mostly homemade approach. I buy a few accessories or clothing items each year, but I try to use things we already have or can reuse, and I also try to DIY things that I can. I try to do it all on a budget and I usually get the things I need on either Amazon or Etsy!

2013: Curious George and the Man in the Yellow Hat

2014: Gilligan and Mary Ann

2015: Wreck it Ralph and Fix it Felix

2016: Frappachino and Barista

Probably my favorite one!! See my DIY here.

2017: Princess Peach and Mario

Thanks for catching up and Happy Halloween!

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