Reader Survey Results 2018

Last month, I asked for your participation in a reader survey in honor of my second blogging anniversary to get feedback on this little blog of mine and to get to know you a little better. Let me start by saying THANK YOU to everyone that took to the time to fill out the survey. I very much appreciate it and it helps me so much. I wanted to share the results so that those of you that filled it out can see where you compare and if you didn’t fill it out – you can see if you agree!


Most (63%) of you were occasional readers (once a week or when you saw a post you were interested in). The rest were new or an every post readers!

Social Media

Most of you follow me on Instagram or Facebook and that’s also how the majority of you see my posts.


Over 80% of you live in Iowa or the midwest! And the majority of my readers are under 35 years old.


The majority of you are married, engaged or hope to be engaged soon. Also, most of my readers do not have children yet.


Most of you do not blog but had a few responses say they would love to start! Would a “Blogging Tips” post be something any of you would be interested in?

Blog Posts

The most popular blog category was One Pot Meals (which makes me so so happy because I love that series). The other top contenders were Travel, Home, Fashion and Life Updates. But all the categories had  some votes which means I am bringing you content that someone out there enjoys reading which makes me happy as well!

I got requests for Day in the Life posts (I’ve done one here) and Fitness posts. I’ve also done fitness posts before, but they never do as well as my other posts. I did just get a treadmill though so I may post about how working out with that is going!

You guys also love when I leave links to the products I love!!

What you love.. (YOur words, not mine)

My personality and the lifestyle aspect: I’m relatable and down to earth.

My posts: The pictures, details and topics.

My style: Fashion and organization.

50% of you have recommended Catching up with Claire to someone and that is SO awesome!

WHat I’m going to work on

Grammar in my posts (yes I know this is an area I can improve in!)
More collaborations (with other bloggers or brands??)

Also, I’m going to save your questions I got to answer in a Q&A post so thanks for leaving some if you did!

Thanks for catching up!

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