If you have been watching my Instagram stories, you’ve seen I have been featuring a new product every week that is one of my “can’t live withouts.” I am posting them here on my favorite products page but I figured I would give a detailed round up of all the products from the month.

Cetaphil Oil Control Cleanser: 
If you have oily skin – I can not recommend the cleanser enough. It improved my complexion so so much and I could not live without it. If you struggle with oily skin or acne – you should try this stuff out! I use it every morning.

Clarisonic Mia 2 Facial Cleansing Brush
Between the oil control face wash and this, my skin has never been clearer! Seriously, this thing gets my skin so much cleaner and I can see the results. I’ve been using this for over a year now and still love it! It makes your skin super soft too. I don’t use the oil free cleanser with this, I use the Clarisonic brand pore and blemish cleanser and I really like it. I only use this at night after taking all my makeup off with a wipe. This is so worth the money! I got mine on sale so I would watch out for Black Friday!

Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture Face Lotion
My dermatologist recommended this to me over 10 years ago and I have used it everyday since! It is so important to moisturize everyday after you wash your face to keep your skin balanced. If it gets too dry it can cause more oil and acne! So I always use this in the morning (I use another night cream at night) and my skin is rarely dry. This stuff works without being heavy and I love it. Plus it is at drugstore prices and will last you a while!

Wet Detangle Brush

This brush was a game changer for my tangled hair. It cut down my post shower comb out time  by at least half! This is worth every penny because I can actually comb my hair out so much easier and it really detangles. You should give them a try. I’m pretty sure I’ve bought three of these in the last year or so. This leopard print is the one I have now!

Thanks for catching up!

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