Halloween 2018 Recap

Our Halloween started last weekend in Chicago at my sister’s, she hosted a little Halloween party. Look how cute the sweets were!

We dressed up in our costumes for the first time and I thought they turned out so cute!

I love doing matching couples costumes!

Then on actually Halloween we dressed up again to hand out candy.

It was a really nice Halloween weather-wise for Iowa. We are always so excited to hand out candy! Miguel loves decorating our house for Halloween so he put out spider webs and fake spiders. So many kids loved the spider!

We got a visit from our nephew as well.

Total we had about 70 trick-or-treaters so I would call that a success. We always watch the original Halloween (one of my favorites) and Hocus Pocus and eat soup for dinner. It’s one of my favorite nights!

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Thanks for catching up!

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