It’s the first Monday of the month which means it’s time for TBB Asks so I’m linking up with The a blended Blog. This months theme is “Giving Thanks”. I’m excited! I am someone who continues with the Fall spirit even after Halloween is over, because hello? Why would I want to take my pumpkins down already??

Well time to answer some festive Thanksgiving themed questions, enjoy!

Have I ever kept a gratitude journal:

I have not, but it is something that sounds like a fun idea to start!

Hosting Thanksgiving?

Not this year, last year I did for the first time and cooked everything myself, even the turkey!

Favorite Thanksgiving Food

Probably mashed potatoes or sweet potato casserole!

Nature Thing I am most thankful for:

Trees and leaves!

Pumpkin Pie:

I like pumpkin pie and eat it but is not my favorite way to eat pumpkin!

Traditional Cookbook:

I usually get all of my recipes online – but I do have a few traditional cookbooks.


Definitely oven roasted!

Thanksgiving Leftovers:

Yes, we eat them for sure!

Household Product Most Grateful For:

This is a tough one because I love a clean house. Probably my Roomba if that counts as a household product 🙂

Home Cooked or Restaurant:

I’m more thankful for home cooked meals – nothing beats eating a nice home cooked meal in our family 🙂

Happy month of giving thanks! Thanks for catching up!

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4 Replies to “TBB Asks: November 2018

  1. We don’t have a Roomba but something similar. It is a lifesaver and I love it! Hope you have a great week, Claire! *I’m a former Iowa girl. I grew in Forest City – where they build Winnebagos.

  2. That Gobble Candle is so cute and girl, your bird looked mighty fine!! I shared your TBB asks for October today at TBB! Happy Monday!

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