Printable Christmas Gift Planner

I know what you’re thinking, it’s November why is she posting a Christmas post? I’m someone who doesn’t decorate for Christmas this early, but I do start planning and buying gifts in November! This is because I like to make a budget and search for the perfect gifts (and price) without feeling like I’m running out of time.

So many things start going on huge sale the week of Thanksgiving so if I already know what I want to get people on my list before then, I can save a lot of money! Also, a good reason to shop early is because things sell out!! Especially things that are good deals, so the earlier you shop, the better really.

There is nothing better than having all of your Christmas shopping done and everything wrapped right at the beginning of December so you can enjoy the month without the stress! This is my goal every year, and this year I have a tool to help you achieve this as well – but you have to start planning now!

I will preface and say that I also started putting money away from each paycheck a couple of months ago (September) so that I would be ready come Thanksgiving. If you haven’t done this yet – start now! Because again, so much is on sale the week of Black Friday, if you want to get great deals and save money in the long run, saving ahead is crucial! I wouldn’t be able to afford all my gifts at once if I didn’t. (Even if this isn’t a good strategy for you and you need to spread out your shopping – my printable can still help, keep reading!)

But you should also probably know how many gifts you need to buy and how much you plan to spend on each gift. That’s where my handy printable planner comes in! It has room to write each person you need to get a gift for, how much you want to spend, ideas for gifts and then what you actually bought and spent so you can keep track!

It comes with a cover sheet and planning sheets with room for 4 people per page. You can print as many planning sheets as you need to. Then I three hole punched them and assembled all the papers into a binder for safe keeping. It can be used as reference all season long while you do your shopping! It is great for planning but also keeping in line with your budget by tracking what you bought and spent.

I’ve already filled mine out with budgets and some ideas but we’re still brainstorming some more before Black Friday week hits!

Download the cover sheet to print here.

Download the the gift sheet to print here.

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