Happy official Black Friday! Hope ya’ll are finding some great deals this week! Last week I shared my gift guide for her under $50 and today I am sharing some items that are on the splurge side ($50-$150). Again, these items are either things I own or are on my own wish list this year! I genuinely recommend everything on this list and was picky about what I put on it!

#1 Mia Prima $99: I LOVE my Mia 2. It looks like they upgraded the models for Clarisonics but I am sure this one is just as good. Using a cleansing brush at night has been a huge life changer!

#2 Too Faced Gift Set $58: I love Too Faced make up and this gift set is a holy grail!

#3 Ugg Slippers $100: I wear these everyday. Literally everyday since I’ve gotten them years ago. They are on my Hubby gift guide as well because they are so good! The price is high but worth it in my opinion.

#4 Sorel Snow Boots $145: These were a birthday gift for me last year and I wore them everyday after I got them because we got a ton of snow. They were perfect for keeping feet warm, dry and cute!

#5 Barefoot Dreams Cardigan $116: This was a buy from the Nordstrom sale this year and it has been my favorite cardigan of the Fall. I wear it almost every night, it is so cozy and worth the money!!

#6 Ugg Robe $130: I LOVE my Ugg robe. It is so soft! I got it as a gift a couple of years ago and it’s still in great shape. I think there was a barefoot dreams robe online as well that looked comfy and was a little cheaper…

#7 Amazon Kindle $120: I got a kindle this year and love it for reading! It make it so easy to read anywhere, especially while traveling. And I love the paper white edition so you can read anytime.

#8 Shop Shirt Quarter Zip $98: My Shep shirt is one of my favorites because it is cute and cozy. I love it in the pink! Vineyard Vines has amazing quality!

#9 L’Occitane Gift Set $52: Last year I was gifted a few L’Occitane products and they are really good! This set would be a great gift and way to try them out!

#10 Wireless Headphones $80: Wireless headphones are on my list this year! I need some and I love that these are rose gold. Target also has a ton of headphones for a lot cheaper too!!

Whether you are looking for things to add to your list or need a gift for someone close to you, these are all great options!

Thanks for catching up!

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