Thanksgiving Weekend Recap + Life Update

Hi, friends! Today I wanted to recap our Thanksgiving weekend plus do a little life lately for the month of November. Last Wednesday I took the day off and stayed home all day to get stuff done! Just a no make up, sweats, ordering pizza for dinner kind of day. I thought I got a lot done (like cleaning, taking down fall decor) but as I write this, I feel so behind on everything I need to do! (Christmas season does that to you).

On Thursday, we drive to my Dad’s in Chicago to spend Thanksgiving and a few days there. We had the standard Thanksgiving meal and yumminess and enjoyed family time (and a few online shopping deals!)

Friday we helped put up the tree and garland, in our PJs with Christmas movies on. This has been our tradition for years. We did get out and do a little bit of shopping that evening and dinner out!

Saturday we headed back home early so we could get all of our stuff done and beat the snow storm that was supposed to come Sunday. I started putting up Christmas decor and Miguel put up the outdoor lights. And we went and picked up all of our online order pickups that evening.

Sunday – we got NO snow like we were supposed to. So I finished my tree and got my house a little back to order. Sunday morning it was a disaster zone with all of the Christmas boxes and stuff we bought.

I’m back to work now this week and trying to finish up all of the Christmas decor – I have 4 out of 6 trees up and all of the main level complete so I am almost done, but I could have used an extra two days off work to finish everything up and feel back to normal!

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The rest of our November was pretty low key… a few date nights but nothing too big! Just getting prepped for the December craziness!

Thanks for catching up!

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