How I Do Christmas

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It’s the last What’s Up Wednesday of the year! Holy cow, where did the year go?? Today’s theme might be my favorite though, How I Christmas! I’m going to go through all of steps of the Christmas season and break down how I “Christmas.”


I start preparing for Christmas in early November. This includes gift planning: making a list of all the people I need to buy gifts for (see my organizer here) with ideas for all of them and also making my Christmas list for myself for family members that ask what I want!

This is also about the time I start watching Hallmark holiday movies on repeat as well 🙂

Also in November, we take a Christmas card photo and I order the cards, return labels and stamps. I had them all ready to go by December this year because I planned ahead. SO glad I did!

Then I start shopping for deals on gifts using the brainstormed ideas I came up with the week leading up to Thanksgiving because that’s when things start going on sale and I like to shop early before everything is gone but also on while it’s sale. My shopping takes me all the way through Black Friday and cyber Monday week. If possible I try to have all my shopping done by December 1st! I do most of it online 🙂

I also evaluate what Christmas decor I need or want to buy before Thanksgiving. I look at the pictures I took from the year previous and think about what I would like to add so I can be intentional with my spending. This year it was a new tree and ribbon and a few small things I had room for. I want to have all of my decor purchased in advance so come Thanksgiving weekend, I am ready to decorate everything!

Then I decorate the weekend after Thanksgiving. This usually takes me the whole weekend plus a few days after work to completely finish. Again, if possible, I want to get it all done by December 1! See my home tour HERE.


The beginning of December is all about getting the Christmas cards in the mail and all the presents wrapped! Since I do a lot of online shopping, I am usually waiting for gifts to all get here so I can really dive in with my wrapping. This always takes longer than anticipated but it feels so good to get it done early and be able to look at the wrapped gifts under your tree! I keep all the gifts and supplies in our guest room and it kind of turns into Santa’s workshop.

Every year I also make Christmas cookies in December. I usually plan out the cookies I want to make and make sure I have all the ingredients and then plan the day I am going to make them (it usually takes all day!) I’ve been having my cookie making day for about 5 years now. I’m still trying to find my signature cookie though.

Then of course I also plan any food or drinks I need to have or bring to any holiday party! I like to pick what I’m making early and write out the ingredients so I’m not rushing last minute.

Speaking of parties, let’s talk about the things I actually do for fun during this time of year, and not just planning/working:

Watch all the Christmas movies we can in the evenings.
Always have Christmas music on in the car and while I work!
Drive around and look at Christmas lights – one of my favorite things to do!
This year we also went to a Christmas Market!
Attend Christmas parties.
Host our annual Christmas party.
Exchange gifts! (Miguel and I always do ours to each other Christmas Eve Morning, then with our families later).
Spend time with our families – we try to fit in a lot of family in a few days!

This time of year always goes so fast! As you can see, there is so much planning, prepping and trying to enjoy and do all the things that it always ends up feeling like the fastest time of year! Here’s to hoping we can sit back and relax and enjoy the true meaning of the season.

Thanks for catching up!

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2 Replies to “How I Do Christmas

  1. I love all of your tips. I am a big believer in planning early too. I just don’t like to feel rushed this time of year. I love that you exchange gifts on Christmas Eve morning.

  2. You are so organized, Claire. I thought I was pretty organized but compared to you I am definitely have room for improvement. lol.
    I do wish more people our age would go shopping for gifts in the mall instead of shopping online because as you might know … if we continue to do our shopping online exclusively we’ll eventually get to a point where there are no malls or places to buy things when you really need them. (Steps off soap box). For example I will be finishing my Christmas shopping next week when I am in Minnesota at my mom’s because the small town I live in no longer has the stores I need to buy gifts so it will have to wait until I can get to the shops I want and then I will quickly wrap the gifts so they are all ready to go come Christmas Eve when we are doing Christmas this year! 🙂
    Any thoughts on ways to be better about shopping locally?

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