So this week, I did my very first try on! My Instagram followers voted between Old Navy and LOFT and Old Navy won! I promise to do LOFT another day, but on Wednesday I headed to Old Navy after work to see what they had for me. I’ve never done this before but wanted to treat it like I was shopping normally (although who am I kidding, I don’t remember the last time I actually shopped in store for clothes lol).

I am going to be completely honest here, you guys know that I could be president of the Old Navy fan club. I have bought so many things this past year from Old Navy online and love it all. However, I realized as I was walking in to the store that I had not shopped in store at Old Navy in probably ten years and I was SO disappointed. Things were disorganized, I couldn’t find my size in anything and I felt like there wasn’t a lot of cute stuff and anything that was cute either didn’t have my size OR I already owned it. So, I did my best, guys. I think the stuff I found was still super cute and I even left with a couple of the things but I just wanted to mention that my online Old Navy shopping experience was SO much better than in store. So if you have been turned off by Old Navy from a less than stellar store, I promise there is a lot of good to be found at Old Navy – you just have to look (and maybe shop online lol).

I also wanted to mention that all the pants I am wearing in these pictures are just ones I found in my size, none were really my style. I will still link them but I was really just picking pants to wear with the shirts since I had on dress pants from work.

Look One:

Sweater | Frayed End Jeans
I really liked this blanket scarf and loved the sweater (ended up buying it). I did size up to a medium in the sweater and think it fit well. The scarf is super cheap too!

Look Two:

Hooded Sweater
I loved this sweater, I bought this too! It is super soft and cozy and perfect for lounging. I will most likely wear it with leggings. Wearing a small here, but probably could have sized up for oversized fit.

Look Three:

Plaid Shirt | Cardigan
I have so many things that are these styles so I wanted to try on a different combo of colors. Both were cute I just didn’t need more!

Look Four:

Tee | Grey Jeans

I really liked this outfit too. The jeans were not really my style, they were really comfy though! I also like Old Navy’s tees like this one as well!

Look Five:

Sweater | Olive Jeans

Another look at this sweater with olive jeans. Like I said I did buy this sweater. I liked the color of the jeans but they weren’t stretchy enough for me lol so I didn’t think they’d be comfortable at work.

That is all! Check out my Shop my Closet for a ton of other Old Navy (and other) finds!

Thanks for catching up!

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