Your Questions Answered!

I’ve asked in a couple of blog posts and in my stories for any questions you guys may have for me! So anyone that submitted questions, I thank you and I am happy to tell you that I am finally answering them!

Where do I see myself in 5-10 years:

So in 5 years I will be 30 and in 10 years I will be 35! Crazy!! It is so hard to say where I will be because you never know what will happen and where life will take you. I hope that by then our family will have grown and we have both grown in our careers and hopefully will have built or be building our dream house!

My dream Vacation:

I have so many places on my travel bucket list. But some of my big ones are pretty much all of Europe (Germany, France, Italy, UK, Netherlands, Greece) and somewhere like the Maldives with an over water villa would be awesome too!

What got me started on blogging:

I started blogging about two years ago. I was inspired by a blogger I had been following for a while and really just wanted to share my tips and inspiration to others to try and improve lives and inspire people with my tips! I also wanted a place where I could give life updates for my family and friends that I don’t get to see often, since we don’t live in the same town as any of my family and when we moved here we didn’t have many friends in the area. (Hence my name, Cathing up! )

How did I discover I liked engineering:

My interest for engineering was sparked in middle school (I declared to my parents when I was about 12 that I wanted to work at NASA as an engineer). My dad has a background in engineering so that is first how I started thinking about it for a viable career option for me. I did a lot of research on different careers (again all the way back in middle school) and decided engineering was right for me (I also always excelled in math and science) and I liked that is was a well paying career that only required a four year degree. Then when I actually got to college, I found a love for computer programming during a freshman class and focused on software engineering specifically.

What is my workout routine:

Oh gosh. This whole year has been a lot of up and downs for my workout routine. I always start something and stick to it for a while before something comes up and I fall off the wagon. This is what the year has looked like if I am being completely honest:

January – March: I did the BBG workout program and alternated days with yoga workouts. I hated BBG honestly and never felt I saw results and was working so hard. I loved yoga though!

Then I had a bit of a lull period where I wasn’t good at working out. Then I tried to get started walking outside (1-2 miles) when it got warmer and doing light weight lifting. So this was like April-May time frame. But that didn’t last long either.

Then in July I decided to be more dedicated and started doing the Walk at Home videos on youtube. I would do 1-2 mile aerobic walking workouts pretty much everyday and really liked doing that. I did that pretty much until September until, again I fell off of my routine.

Then in October, I bought a treadmill for our home gym. I started doing walking running workouts almost daily. I would be on the treadmill for 15-25 minutes and then do some weight lifting arms and abs and some stretching. My goal was to be in our basement gym for about 30 minutes. I did really good until Thanksgiving and then haven’t been doing very well since. I hope after the holiday craziness I will get back to my routine because I love my treadmill!

What is your dream job and where would I live with that job?

Well, I am really happy in Iowa and I think I could stay here and have my dream job 🙂 (see question below). And I have a few answers for this question:

With the job I have now as an engineer, my goal has always been to use that engineering background to move into Program Management and manage programs and customers for an engineering centered company (like my company) so that of course is my dream job with my current career path!

However, another dream job is being a full time blogger (and mom) someday! That would be awesome to be able to support myself as a blogger and be my own boss. (I’d also probably dabble in some entrepreneurship if this was the case – some sort of small business).

Would you ever leave Iowa?

We have talked about the possibility of moving for my husband’s job but we are very happy in Iowa right now and have no plans to leave.

What does your Husband do for a living?

My husband is one the hardest workers I know. He is a traveling repair man for his company that makes grain semi trailers that hold grain that farmers use to feed their animals. The company builds these trailers form the ground up and Miguel started in production and now primarily does repair work all across the country (and even Mexico!) and does some translating for the company as well since he is fluent in Spanish.

Hope you learned a little it about me 🙂

Thanks for catching up!

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