End of Year Book Review

Back in June, I did a mid-year book review for the books I has read so far in 2018. I’m here today to share the rest of the books I read this year! In total I read 22 books! Last year I read 12 and this year my goal was 18, so I exceeded my goal! Next year’s goal is 24 – two books per month is a good amount for me!

Crazy Rick Asians I was obsessed with Crazy Rich Asians! It seriously made me want to go to Singapore ASAP. It is just a fun book that sucks you in. I thought the book was much better than the movie (and I liked the movie!) I recommend this one!

Touch and Go

This one was a thriller/mystery type book which isn’t a genre I always read. This one is the second book in a part of a series but I think it can stand alone as a book. My mom recommended it to me and I couldn’t put it down! It will be a page turner.

China Rich Girlfriend

The second book in Crazy Rich Asians, I loved this one as well. I just became more obsessed with the characters. You should read this if you like the first one.

Rich People Problems

And finally the third book in the Crazy Rich Asians. I loved this one too! I want there to be more! lol

The Case for Jamie

This is the third book in the Charolette Holmes series. It is more young adult, but it is a mystery series of the “new” Sherlock and Holmes. Start with A Study in Charolette!

The Grave Tender

This one I got for free and honestly it was just sad and depressing. It wasn’t a and story but not one page was happy, so I’m not sure I can recommend it.

Dunaway’s Crossing

This one I also got for free, it was also pretty sad but it is set in the 1910’s in Georgia, and I really like Historic Fiction so I enjoyed that part. But I ended up just feeling bad for all of the characters.

People Like Us

This one was recommended by my sister. It has a very similar vibe to Pretty Little Liars if you are into those books/series. It is more young adult but has a mystery vibe to it that will keep you guessing. But you won’t like a single one of the characters in this book.


This was another free one, and it was a super fast read! I’m not sure I can recommend it though. The people are very damaged as you could guess.

Winter Stroll

Winter Stroll is the second book in the Winter Street Inn series. I am loving this series the more I read it! I read the first one last year during Christmas and waiting until Christmas this year to read the next. You should read this series!

Winter Storms

So of course I had to pick up the third book in the series because I am getting more sucked in the more I read!

I encourage you to pick up a book and start reading! Even if it’s not a lot, reading is a great way to spend quiet time!

Thanks for catching up!

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