Year in Review: 2018

2018 went by SO fast! Seriously, where did the time go? It feels like I was JUST making my 2018 goals last Christmas break, and here I am again, preparing for a new year and reflecting on the year that is almost complete. I am recapping our year here in this post. Mostly to help me remember everything that happened and a nice little scrapbook I can have of all of our years! 

I noticed that our year got way more exciting the further into it we got (January – March look a little boring haha) or maybe I just started taking more pictures? Who knows. Enjoy!


January must have been pretty boring around here, because I had like no pictures! It was probably cold and snowy. I do remember getting sick though so that was a bummer!


In February we celebrated Valentine’s Day by making chocolate covered strawberries one afternoon!

And a date night in of homemade pizzas!

We also went snowboarding and I snowboarded for the first time! (I wasn’t that good).


March brought us to hosting a baby shower, a new niece and celebrating St Patrick’s!


We started April by celebration Easter…

And then went on our ten day honeymoon to Kauai! (See Hawaii posts here).


May started with celebrating Cinco De Mayo.

We got out and played some golf.

Had date nights.

And my little brother graduated!

We ended May with “running” a “.5k” at a local winery (it was really just brunch and alcohol).



June started with a beautiful wedding..

We got to go swimming at my cousin’s.

And we FINALLY got out bedroom finished (2 months later).


In July we celebrated Independence Day.

Had some Sunday afternoon day dates.

I met Miguel in Atlanta for a fun weekend. See my Atlanta post here. 


In August, Miguel was a groomsmen in a wedding in Wisconsin. 

And we also enjoyed the last of summer at our local farmer’s market. 


At the beginning of September we left on a cruise!

And ended up in Mexico! See my cruise post here. 

Then we traded in our swimsuits for scarves and ended the month at an Octoberfest party..

We also celebrated our first anniversary with a dinner at Morton’s!

And a pit stop to the American Picker’s store. 

We also cheered on our Hawkeye football!

And I celebrated two years of Catching Up With Claire!


In October, we threw a little part for my Mom’s birthday. 

And I decorated a pretty cute pumpkin.

We took a trip to the pumpkin patch. 

And also spent a day in the Amana Colonies. 

I also had my House decorated for Fall all cute! Fall and Halloween decor. 

And we watched more football all fall!

We visited my sister in Chicago and I had the best dessert ever! (Ice cream taco)

And attended her Halloween party.

And then on Halloween, we handed out candy to trick or treaters! We love dressing up!


November brought some cute outfits..

And words. 

And nights out. 

And of course celebrating thanksgiving. 

We finished November decorating for Christmas. 


December was kicked off by a trip to Des Moines to visit the Christmas Market.

And also see Aladdin the Musical.

And eat brunch!!

And also be festive!

And watch lots of Christmas movies!

And wrapped presents!

And decorated!

And made cookies!

I was accepted into Reward Style!

We hosted our annual Christmas Party!


And we celebrated Christmas with loved ones.

And will celebrate my 25th birthday on the 31st.

What a year! Here’s to 2019!!

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Thanks for catching up!

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