2019 Goals

Each year, I like to make goals for the coming year and reflect on my previous year’s goals to see what I accomplished. This is more for me than you but if you are curious on what I have been trying to work on and improve then keep reading!

I think goals are so much better than resolutions, especially if they are good, specific and attainable goals. I make yearly goals but each month I also make monthly goals. Most of my monthly goals stem from my yearly goals but not always! This gives me flexibility to focus on what’s going on in my life right at the moment. I use a journal to keep track of those more specific goals.

If you are interested in my 2018 goals you can read those here. Overall, I did okay on my goals. Some I achieved and some I didn’t. I surpassed my reading goal by 8 books, I watched all the shows I wanted to. I improved my skin care routine and have the best skin of my life. I hit record page views, grew my instagram over double, posted every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and made website improvements.

I could still work on more self care like working out everyday, eating healthier, drinking more water, etc but those will be on my goals for this year too!

2019 Goals


Clear up and improve my skin even more
Relax more and take more baths!
Read 24 books
Purge the house again – I am ruthless
Workout daily
Run a 5k without stopping
Healthier meals at dinner
Keep building up my savings account
Do some home improvements on our list


Hit my page view goals for the year
Hit 5k followers on Instagram
Host my first giveaway

I’m really glad I write these down because it was fun to look at the ones I wrote a year ago and see how much I accomplished!

It’s never too late to make goals! I encourage you to write some in a place you are likely to revisit them. You can do yearly or monthly goals, I do both! I also think it’s beneficial to turn those goals into To Do lists to achieve those goals.

I use Erin Condren Life Planners to keep track of everything for the year! I like to buy them in December and start the year fresh. They are my favorite planners I have used, the layout is perfect and there’s lots of options for customization. I also use her notepads and notebooks to write everything down in!!

Happy New Year! Thanks for catching up!

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